Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Snuggliest Saber Yet

It has been pointed out to me repeatedly that we do not have a purple lightsaber in our arsenal, one that is appropriate for the fine Jedi Mace Windu. I finally broke down this weekend and made one for Q-ster out of some leftover velour I had from a costume. It's so soft that he wants to use it as a pillow. Sort of different from sleeping with your weapon under your pillow, but I can see his point.

Twilighters: I finished reading Eclipse tonight, so I guess it's on to Breaking Dawn tomorrow.


K goose blog said...

love the letter puzzles and the bedtime story.

Bob said...

How soft and snugly can a weapon get.

mayberry said...

Ooh so shiny too! Nice work!

Asianmommy said...

Hee! Love at first sight.

Anonymous said...

I took pictures for Qster when we were at the Indianapolis Childrens museum. They had a Star Wars exhibit- check out my dropshots.

Can't believe Buster is getting so big. Hope to catch up with you guys soon.