Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I’ll Settle for Late

Well, I can either claim being 9 days late for my quarterly emergency preparedness post if I was aiming for the summer solstice, or 3 months late if I admit to skipping the spring post completely. In any case, it’s been busy.

I went through our emergency car kits and replaced the diapers with a larger size to fit Buster and took out the bottles and backup formula. It’s so nice that the micro dude can eat food now! I tucked a few straws in the bags, to make drinking from water bottles easier if we get stuck without sippy cups. That’s the grand total of what I’ve done for preparedness in months.

I plan to replace our water supplies this summer, since I got the containers at least two years ago. I can use the “old” water on the plants and to wash some of the outdoor toys that need a thorough cleaning.

For more on water, see this site for instructions on how to get emergency drinking water from a water heater. Thanks for the link, YF!

Call to action: Do at least one tiny thing improve your emergency readiness. Buy a few cans of food (and have a can opener nearby). Store some extra water. Or get a crank-powered flashlight and radio.


mayberry said...

The straws are a smart touch!

Magpie said...

I feel like a slacker.