Thursday, June 04, 2009


I keep a file of snippets for future blog posts or memories I want to keep, even if they don’t become posts. A note from January says:

Coming home from work is so fun these days. Q-ster will throw open the door and yell, “Mommy! Mommy!” Buster’s whole face lights up and he comes crawling at speed.

Things are a little different now. Q-ster stills shouts for me and Buster cracks a big grin, but the micro dude can walk and almost run. He also has more interests in the world than just me. He weaves towards me to wave, and instead of grabbing my leg and drooling on me until I pry him loose, he’ll toddle off to play with his toys.

I’m glad he’s expanding his horizons. I’m glad he’s a wee more independent. I’m also just a tiny bit sad that I’m not the sole center of his universe anymore. Even if it means that I'm going to be freed of having damp knees.

Photo from the Silicon Valley Moms Blog’s Bill Nye talk at the Tech, where Buster could immediately locate the exit from the any point in the huge seminar/exhibit/luncheon hall that I set him down. The boy clearly has his father's sense of direction.


Anonymous said...

This is what I'm sort of dreading. The day when I'm no longer my little guy's sun, moon, and stars. It's rather sad, even if it is also phenomenally great at the same time.

Kimberly said...

I have found this comes in waves, especially as they develop new skills. You'll be back to being the center of his universe soon enough I bet.

mayberry said...

I'm guessing you're still pretty high on his "important people and stuff" list.

Bon said...

i am at the peak of separation anxiety with a 9 month old who is, in the very same breath, starting to bustle all over the place on hands and knees. and i am ready for a little breathing space, but i wish i could save some of this.

love the pic of sweet Buster.