Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Exactly My Sentiments, Plus the Naughty Ballerina

The Top 20 dancers on So You Think You Can Dance showed their great gifts last night. It’s so clear that a lot of this is also about who wins the choreography lottery – luck of the draw between the brilliance of Wade Robson’s crash test dummy routine, and Tyce’s less than interesting “silent movie.”

It’s always difficult to distinguish between the trained dancers during the beginning of the season, so I thought Melissa was clever to bite her finger (which was her branding, in a way) in the introductions. I saw that and thought, ‘Hey, ‘the naughty ballerina’ made it to the top 20!” Her dance with Ade was particularly beautiful, especially the side by side petit jumps. I can’t find a YouTube clip yet, so I’ll update later when someone posts one.

Are you already tired of Mary Murphy’s screams? This clip from Television Without Pity sums it up colorfully:

Mary screams. Between seasons, I always manage to forget about the screams somehow. . . . It's her thing, so she's expected to do it, and everyone pretends to secretly like it while pretending to hate it, except I'm convinced everyone actually hates it but just wants to be a good sport. It's like, "My thing is that I give you malaria!" and everybody pretends to think it's hilarious that I give people malaria. You know?

Now we mutter, "Malaria!" when we hear the scream.


April said...

Those two pics were my favorite dances of the night!

Bob said...

I watched Melissa and Ade dance 3 times (rewind). The petit jumps was lovely.

mayberry said...

My favorite of the night was the Bollywood number, but so many of them were amazing.

Malaria. Agreed.

Leighann of Multi-Minding Mom said...

I hate the screams...and the finger bite. When she bites her finger I always think to myself that *she* thinks she's so hot. It's not endearing to me at all and I think it could turn some viewers off. (Not that I ever call in and vote.)

About the screaming, I have to watch the show with my finger on the volume control!

Anonymous said...

I know Melissa from Milwaukee and I can guarantee that she is the most beautiful soul you'll ever meet. She is just a lovely, glowing person. Full of joy. She hasnt aged a bit in the last 10 years.