Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Entertainment Device That is the Staircase

I hope you all had a fabulous Father’s Day!

Q-ster’s preschool teachers sent the children home with hand-made Father’s Day cards when school finished up last week, and he’s been talking about it for days. Finally, he got to bring it out and give it to SwingDaddy today! Here it is, next to the card he made for Mother’s Day.

Q-ster’s not posing with the cards, because he’s only intermittently interested in pictures these days. If he gets to do a lightsaber pose, he’s all for it; otherwise, no thanks. (Did you notice that it’s my first Star Wars mention in a week and a half? I’ve been trying to get out of the All Jedi, All the Time mode.) Here’s a photo of him "with" his Earth Day plant, which we’ve been faithfully watering and has finally bloomed.

I had a perfect Father’s Day card to give too. What could express love for one’s spouse more than two hugging octopi?

In other news, the micro dude has figured out how to descend our long, steep staircase. He turns over and slides down on his belly (thankfully, feet first), giggling all the way. Right now, all hands are busy spotting him and making sure he doesn’t slip, but we’ll try for photos later.


Anonymous said...

The ability to go down the stairs is very important, indeed. It's one that I wish my own micro dude had mastered. Hopefully soon.

And the octopi are way too cute. :)

Kimberly said...

Love the octopi!

I read that last paragraph too fast and had a visual of MicroDude going down the stairs on his belly head first, which was a bit scary! Glad to reread and see that's not the case.

Asianmommy said...

What a beautiful plant!