Monday, June 22, 2009

Dancing, Dancing, Slaying

I think the whole world has seen the video of Where the Hell is Matt? but it’s a must-click if you haven’t. This guy went all around the globe, doing his goofy dance, and I must cheesily admit that my eyes tear up watching humans of all backgrounds being so happy.

- Matt carefully dancing in between the swarm of red crabs on Christmas Island.
- Dancing next to a guard in the Korean DMZ. How he explained what he planned on doing and videotaping in this military facility, I don’t know.
- Almost getting taken out by a wave on the beach of Tonga.
- Pausing from his steps to join a traditional Indian dance.

If you love swing dancing, you might want to check out this (long) video of the life of Lindy Hop legend Frankie Manning, who passed away in April, just before his 95th birthday. SwingDaddy and I are teaching a few Lindy classes this weekend in his style.

And for something completely different, a Buffy vs Edward mashup, where the teen Slayer takes on the melodrama of Twilight. Thanks to Elisa for the link!

In even more unrelated news, Q-ster came silently into the baby’s room this morning at 6am (where I’d fallen asleep soothing the micro dude) and woke me up . . . without waking the baby! I’m so thrilled, both that he understood why it was important to let Buster sleep and that he could restrain himself from normal morning bounciness. Of course, 6am wasn’t so thrilling, but I’ll take what I can get.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I hadn't seen 'Where the Hell is Matt?' (sort of makes me wonder where the hell I've been). It's amazing. Seriously, I wonder how he got that video in the DMZ. I bet he has more than a few stories to tell, for sure.

Bob said...

Great video, amazing song "Praan".
First I thought it was an Enya song.

Cute photo of you two.

appleseed said...

I regularly go watch Matt and his silliness! Having fun doing a silly dance truly has no age limit and knows no boundaries!
It's very silly when you realize he must be dancing only to the music in his head...

mayberry said...

I would like Q-ster to come and teach my husband that particular skill, please!!