Tuesday, June 09, 2009

And Many More

So I had this little idea to have the boys pose with a card to wish my parents a happy anniversary, which is easier said than done.

Hey, go stand next to your brother.

Oops, dropped the card.


Q-ster added a signature “all by himself” this afternoon, telling me that he’d used a Star Wars book as a reference for the spelling. He did indeed capture all the letters, even if he ran out of room and had to rearrange them a bit.

In any case, a very happy anniversary to my mom and dad, who got to be the final pair on the dance floor at a wedding for their friends’ daughter last weekend, when the MC called for the couple married the longest. They admitted this was a crowd of their younger friends, but it’s still a pretty awesome accomplishment, and they got to take home a beautiful bouquet.

I explained the concept of an anniversary to Q-ster and told him that Ama and Agu had been married a long time ago.

The little dude added, “in a galaxy far, far away.”



Bob said...

Nice Card and great photos of the two.
I like the "in a galaxy far, far away".

mayberry said...

I tried that tactic once for my dad's birthday, with similar results (less Star Wars, though!).

ewe are here said...

That last shot is money. :-)