Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What I’m Not Planning to do for my High School Reunion

Did you read the story about the woman who sent a stripper to impersonate her at her high school reunion? She’s a comedy writer and made a documentary about the adventure, which sounds highly entertaining, since the process even included coaching “Cricket” through an earpiece.

I’m not going to my reunion this summer, because it’s right after BlogHer and there’s not enough reason for me to travel two weeks in a row. I have a few friends who I’d like to see, but I think we’d have a better time getting together for dinner the next time I’m in town rather than conversing in a noisy hotel ballroom with a few hundred people that I probably don’t remember.

I’m not sending a stripper either. Did you have fun at your high school reunion or did you skip it?

P.S. If any of you watched American Idol tonight, my high school appeared briefly in Adam Lambert’s hometown visit. He didn’t attend my school, but apparently lived in the general area. My parents enjoy the show, and I’ve been following Adam’s progress since he delivered that amazing rendition of Mad World.
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Leighann said...

My reunion is the same exact weekend as BlogHer. Guess which one I'm choosing?

(Hint: see you in Chicago!)

Mayberry said...

I went to mine and it was fun, but it also allowed me to escape from the in-laws for a solo overnight. So that may have been a factor...

Anonymous said...

I went to my 10-year reunion and it was fun. Since my husband and I dated in high school I had complete backup. Also, I only live about 45 minutes away by car from my hometown, so it's not exactly a big trip.

ewe are here said...

So far, I have skipped all my high school reunions.

And we're rooting for Adam Lambert waaaay over here... most talented by a mile as far as I'm concerned. ;-)