Thursday, May 28, 2009

Things You Don’t Want to Hear Your Husband Tell Your Son

Much giggling is coming from the living room, where SwingDaddy is playing with boys. I hear him say, “Don’t pop him in the head too hard.”

Is he telling one child not to hit the other one too hard?

Why yes, and it turns out to be a full scale lightsaber battle, with the soft cushy sabers of course. Buster is an active participant, eager to show that he too can play with the big boys. I watch as Q-ster swing his Obi-wan lightsaber at high speed, whirling toward his dad, and then turning to very gently tap his brother’s saber, rewarded by baby peals of laughter.

I’m not sure this is what I had in mind when I thought about family quality time as a newlywed, but I’ll take it.

In case you’re looking for gossipy stuff, I’m at Silicon Valley Moms Blog today, ranting about the pathetic excuses that politicians give as apologies.


mayberry said...

It's amazing what comes out of our mouths as parents, huh?

Great post at SV Moms too!

Anonymous said...

I suppose it beats the pants off of hearing him say, "Come on, you can hit him harder than that!"

So cute that Buster is joining in.

Kimberly said...

Hee! I find myself saying the strangest things sometimes too.

Bob said...

Little Jedi in training. Cute

Damselfly said...

Ah, boyz!

ewe are here said...

heh heh

We say these things in our house, too. What is it about boys?!? ;-)