Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Swim for the Border, Part II

Buster was eyeing our Taco Bell takeout over the weekend and started shaking his head “no” as I offered him another bite of peach-apricot-oatmeal sauce. No, no, no.

Finally, I scooped some of the taco fixings in a spoon, offered it to him, and received a big happy grin in response. I’d completely forgotten how I craved Taco Bell the entire time I was pregnant with “Swimmy” (well, at least the part where I wasn’t nauseated.) And now the micro dude is big enough to ingest his own tacos.

Spoiler warning for Dancing with the Stars finale:
What did you think of the results? I think Gilles was more consistent over the season, but Shawn had great technical skills and grew as a performer over the season. I think the freestyle numbers made a big difference in the voting. Mark choreographed a fast, fun, and difficult number for Shawn, while Gilles and Cheryl did a lot of booty-shaking in their Flashdance routine without much content.

I would guess that Gilles had the lead in popularity before the finale, but the freestyle helped Shawn a lot. There was reportedly less than 1% difference between them in the voting. Overall, it was a great season with surprisingly talented dancers, although to the comedian Jeffrey Ross' point, they weren't stars for the most part. "Dancing with the Vaguely Recognizable?" Ha!

Looking forward to So You Think You Can Dance!


mayberry said...

I generally shun fast food but there is something about Taco Bell ... yummm.

Anonymous said...

I was okay with either Gilles or Shawn winning. They both made it fun to tune in every week.

4th B

Anonymous said...

I would take taco over baby food any day of the week myself. Who can blame Buster?

My 9-month-old loves fries. There's no way I would have let my first child eat fries at 9 months. Things are different this time around, that's for sure.

Bob said...

Giles was great from the beginning, while Shawn kept improving and improving by leaps and bounds at the end.

Damselfly said...

Cute, I forgot he used to be called Swimmy. :)