Saturday, May 09, 2009

Much Cuteness in the Star Wars Universe

I watched The Clone Wars movie with SwingDaddy tonight to get caught up with the latest in Q-ster’s imaginings. The storyline and lack of subtlety was definitely aimed at a young age group, but it was still a pretty enjoyable movie. The teenaged Jedi apprentice, Ashoka, had some good lines.

Anakin (with sarcasm): So, what’s your plan?
Ashoka: I’m the one with the enthusiasm. You’re the one with experience.

Much of the plot revolves around carrying a rescued baby Hutt (tucked inside Ashoka’s backpack in the picture), which they manage to make kind of appealing.

I’m trying to encourage Q-ster to draw more, so I was poking around to look for art tutorials and found a delightful children’s page. Featured topics include:

Chewbacca as a hand-drawn cartoon.

Death Star arts and crafts! (It's a pinata.)

And if Darth Vader and Darth Maul were Lucha Libre (Mexican wrestling) stars, this is what they’d wear.

I guess there’s just no end to the Star Wars universe.

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Great stuff.

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