Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hero or Zero

With parenting, it’s mysterious and surprising what things will trigger your kids thinking you’re the best in the world to thinking that they’d rather be orphans. Often both at the same time.

Last week, SwingDaddy and I swapped routines for a few evenings. He put Buster to bed, and I put Q-ster to bed instead of the usual opposite. I was feeling quite on top of things – got the little dude through his bath without complaint, brushed teeth, read stories, tucked him in – we were all set.

The next morning, Q-ster comes into our room and says that his diaper leaked and he’s wet. We go into the bathroom, start running the water to get it warm enough for a washcloth, I help him get his pajama pants off, and . . . no diaper. We’d been chatting so chummily through the bedtime routine that we both forgot his overnight diaper.

The following evening, we lay in his bed in the dark (on clean sheets), getting him to wind down, when he asked for a song. We sang “You are my Sunshine” together, followed by “(I love you) A Bushel and a Peck.” I started on a third one, “My Favorite Things,” just making it to “Brown paper packages, tied up with strings,” when he said, “Mom, I’m trying to sleep. And you’re being noisy.”

Sleep well, kiddo.


mayberry said...

Ha! Once in a great, great while I get "I want you to LEAVE NOW." Which I am usually quite happy to do...

Anonymous said...

My own preschooler is also put to sleep by Daddy. When I do it she is very excited. But she also seems agitated by the change in routine. They are such creatures of habit.

Magpie said...