Wednesday, May 27, 2009

For You, I’ll Ride the Garlic

Over the holiday weekend, Q-ster and I made a foray to the state’s Only Horticultural Theme Park, where we enjoyed riding inside a giant artichoke, zipping around a car track in 1920’s roadsters (with Q at the wheel), floating through a flower garden, and boarding a choo-choo train.

He really, really wanted to ride in the spinning garlic (horticultural theme, remember, think the Alice in Wonderland tea cups at Disneyland), which is largely a motion sickness opportunity in my mind, but I humored him and we got in. He had a great time, screaming with glee while pressed up against my side, because he wasn’t strong enough to hold on by himself. Meanwhile, I turn-spotted the lampposts outside, managing to keep my insides intact.

Q-ster reported to my sister later, “Mommy thought that she might throwed up, but she didn’t.”

Next, he wanted to ride a rollercoaster, but I was able to truthfully tell him that he was a few inches too short and that we should content ourselves with getting ICEEs instead. Yum.


mayberry said...

Thank goodness for the Icee distraction. I might throwed up too if I had to ride that garlic!

Anonymous said...

I am fortunate to be pretty much immune to motion sickness. So is my 4-year-old, that I can tell. I look forward to having a great partner in amusement park crime in a few years' time.

And the horticultural theme is cracking me up. :)

Bob said...

What fun. Great photos

Desiree said...

We love that place (in fact we might be going this weekend!). Unfortunately for me, Andrew IS just tall enough to ride the coaster. And we did. MANY times. I managed to distract him enough to avoid the spinning garlics though, which I think might be worse.

Magpie said...

Riding the garlic!?! Love that.

Bob said...

Q-ster really knows how to have fun with different people on different things.