Sunday, May 17, 2009

Communication Established!

Buster mastered waving “bye-bye” some time ago, but these last two weeks have added so much. Pointing at things. Gesturing, clapping his hands. I’d been showing him how to clap for ages, and then suddenly he got it. The micro dude was standing in his crib, watching me get ready for his diaper change. I clapped my hands a few times, and then he did too. He realized he was clapping and was so excited that he fell over and smacked his head on the mattress. I ran over and watched him giggle and clap, and roll around, clapping some more.

The latest achievement is the “more” sign. Buster is thrilled and so are we. I hold out another piece of banana and ask him “More or all done?” He gestures his hands together and grins widely, knowing that he is telling us precisely what he wants. Go baby!


Anonymous said...

It's great when they learn how to ask for what they want. My own little guy is clapping, but no signs or waving yet. I look forward to the day when he understands that his gestures mean something.

Go Buster!

mayberry said...

Oh, yay! That is always so much fun.

Kimberly said...

Communication is a beautiful, beautiful thing! So much less frustration for everyone involved.