Monday, May 11, 2009

Becoming Totally Hopeless

I’ll often play with Q-ster, wielding a lightsaber with one arm while holding the baby with the other. It takes a bit of balance and arm strength, but it keeps both boys occupied and happy. It’s getting harder to do, since Buster is 22 pounds now, so I have an alternate strategy when I’m tired and need two arms to hold him.

“Force hands.” Like when the Emperor shoots lightning at Luke (or Mace Windu, in the photo above) or the Jedi use the Force to push an object away. Q-ster loves the idea and it keeps us in the game when Buster is too fussy to put down.

Last night, I was “using the Force” against Q-ster’s lightsaber and making the accompanying crackling noises when the baby stretched out his tiny hand, flexed his palm and went “zzzt, zzzt!” to the best of his ability.

Baby Force hands. Great. I’m setting such a good example for my children.


Anonymous said...

Aw, baby force hands are super cute! I don't think that's a bad example at all. It's not like he's hitting people or using foul language.

Mayberry said...

Smart little dude!!

Damselfly said...

Teaching them well, you are.