Sunday, May 31, 2009

All It Takes Is the Right Motivation

Q-ster has known his letters and letter sounds for a long time, but he hasn’t been super motivated to read books. I think he figures it’s faster for us to read to him, and he’d rather move through the story. Recently, I’ve been encouraging him to sound out everyday things, like exit signs, cereal boxes, engravings on walls, and movie posters, and he’s been more willing to play along.

Yesterday, I found the perfect motivation.

We were playing with his letter puzzles, making a race to fill in the letters matching each picture. We finished all the puzzles, and then he said he wanted to make a word for Obi-wan. He sounded out the name fairly well, followed by Kenobi (which I had to correct slightly, as he guessed it started with a “C”), then Jedi, and then Master. We covered a few more Star Wars character names and paused, satisfied in our quest for knowledge. Or at least niche spellings.


Bob said...

Clever way to go.

Anonymous said...

Whatever it takes.

My own 4-year-old isn't at all interested in sounding out words. She doesn't even know all her letters. It sounds like Q-ster's doing very well for his age.

mayberry said...

Now you know how to help him with homework in a few years too!