Friday, April 10, 2009

There’s No Place Like It

I’ve spent the last two days with my parents – enjoying their company, shopping to replace my increasingly archaic and shabby work wardrobe, watching their favorite television shows, singing a little karaoke, and sleeping uninterrupted eight hours at night. Pleasures indeed! Many thanks to my husband, who held down the fort in the meantime.

I’ve never spent an entire day away from Buster, so it was such a joy to get home this afternoon. Q-ster flung open the door, yelling “Mommy’s home!” and I got to hug him, hear about his latest triumphs (and refusals to take baths) and eat up the cute baby – nom, nom, nom. I put all three of us in the play yard and let them crawl all over me. Who needs Gymboree when you can climb Mommy?

Random travel thoughts:
I flew Southwest, and they’ve instituted an improvement over their cattle car, panicked mob scene boarding process. They’ve installed a row of numbered silver posts, and you line up next to them in boarding priority. It makes the standing-up time much shorter and people are more relaxed.

While I was waiting at the airport, the seat next to me was occupied by three consecutive women with Coach purses. Am I the only woman in America who still carries a Target special? Seriously, I've even tried, pre-baby, to "treat" myself to a nice purse. I went to Nordstroms, tried out a Dooney & Bourke and the cute Louis Vuitton bag by Murakami. They just weren't appealing. Leather bags are either too heavy or not roomy enough. So I went home with my little canvas tote and treated myself to a Jamba Juice instead.
Heard on the radio during the drive home: Britney Spears in concert this weekend! With the cost of tickets, parking, babysitter and such, it’s just too much. Hopefully, they’ll make a concert DVD, and I’ll just Netflix it. The hardest part would probably have been finding someone else who would admit to being a Britney fan anyway.


Denise said...

I LOVE my Target bags!

Mayberry said...

My current bag is from TJ Maxx. And I think I read that Britney was booed off the stage the other day, so I don't think you are missing out on too much!

Glad you had a good trip and are back with the boys now.

Anonymous said...

My purse was $29 at H&M. It's gonna be around kids, you know, I can't justify spending the big bucks.

And there was quite the kerfuffle at the Britney Spears concert here in Vancouver. She left the stage for over 30 minutes because of the pot smoke in the air. The claim was the stage hands were becoming woozy and unable to safely perform their job. She did eventually finish the show.

K goose blog said...

Sounds like a nice trip... Glad to hear you had some down time.