Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sandwich Roulette

I’ve been trying to pack lunch for work most days, since it’s usually so busy that I need to eat at my desk. I keep a box of saltines and jar of peanut butter in my cube so that I’m provisioned for long conference calls, but an actual sandwich is much nicer. Plus, running over to the café does add up, even if I buy something inexpensive.

Sadly, we ran out of sliced bread a few days ago, so I’d been making sandwiches on hamburger buns. Then I ate the last of the sliced turkey and hamburger buns today, which would have left us with peanut butter and jelly on hot dog buns for tomorrow, except that SwingDaddy decided that was too ridiculous and went to the grocery store tonight.

The children are well stocked with organic vegetable puffets, yummy whole-milk yogurt, and special magic stew, but the adults in the household occasionally get left with highly random comestibles.

I picked out this plush picnic set for Buster’s birthday, and he loves to hold, throw, and squish all the pieces. The sandwich is held together by Velcro, and he takes great satisfaction in separating the bread, cheese, lettuce, and tomato and distributing them widely. Q-ster gets into the game too, rearranging the items to make silly things like a watermelon sandwich with the fruit between bread slices.

Tonight, I tackled a giggling micro dude and put the two slices of plush bread on his tummy – Baby Sandwich! Nom, nom, nom. Later I tried to get a picture of him, but the Velcro wouldn’t stick to his sleeper well enough and I decided I’d tormented him enough. So no picture of the Baby Sandwich. You’ll have to imagine.

My sister chose this plush flower pot for Buster, and boy, has that been a hit. His face lights up every time he sees the smiley embroidery, and they make nice gravity testers when he’s in the mood to drop things over the side of his crib.

Q-ster promptly appropriated the worm as a lightsaber, and I battled him with a pair of flowers until we had a truce over dessert. I tell you, you haven’t lived until you’ve re-enacted full movie fight sequences with a four year old wielding a plush worm rattle while you’re using “force hands” and martial arts with happy faced flowers.


Anonymous said...

Those look like some great toys! I especially love the picnic set. Although I understand it's not as functional for impromptu Jedi battles.

Asianmommy said...

These are the cutest toys! Kids love play food.

Mayberry said...

Very cute!

I eat leftovers for lunch every day. I can totally see myself fashioning a sandwich from hot dog buns and leftover stir fry or something.

kittenpie said...

That picnic set ROCKS. You may have the best toys in the world.