Monday, April 06, 2009

Pondering Cupcake Conveyance

In the week preceding Q-ster's preschool birthday celebration, I planned what kind of chocolate cupcakes to bake and browsed dreamily over all kinds of clever cupcake carriers. I was thisclose to actually buying one. I love fun containers, and after all, with Q-ster turning 4 and Buster turning 1, we have years and years of cupcakes to carry to school!

There seem to be two main categories of cupcake conveyance gear. There's the "bake and take," where there's a cover for the metal trays, like the Oneida and Bialetti models:

Then there are the carrying-only cases, like the Wilton and Snapware:

If you're really dedicated, you can protect the cupcakes individually:

The top of the line seems to be the Cupcake Courier, available in many yummy colors and able to carry 36 cupcakes!

In the end, I couldn't really justify storage space in the pantry for such a specialized device. Yes, the supreme Cupcake Courier can even hold a layer cake, but how often do I bake a layer cake (answer: never) and then have to bring it somewhere (answer: never times two)?

I tucked the cupcakes into a flat plastic Tupperware and SwingDaddy carried them gingerly to preschool. Q-ster pronounced them delicious.

Maybe next year.


Anonymous said...

I was just thinking about these types of containers when transporting SJ's birthday muffins. These boxes should be a time share thing--we only need them a few times a year!

4th B

Anonymous said...

I've looked at the cupcake carriers, and while they are clever and lovely, I've come to a similar conclusion. They're large and sometimes expensive and probably not justifiable. But I do love to look at them.

Mayberry said...

They are beautiful (the cupcakes) (well, the carriers too).

Here, the preschool doesn't allow homemade treats and the elementary school requires "healthy" treats. So no cupcake courier-ing for us!

Kimberly said...

They do look delicious! Can you mail me one? I'm not sure what kind of carrier that would require though. Hmmm.

Damselfly said...

Cool overview! I was thinking I should get one of these, too, because like you I'm thinking, "Hmm, it's the cupcake years." I'd have to go with the carry-only kind because my cupcake/muffin baking tins look too beat up. I couldn't let anyone see them!