Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hopelessly Geeky, Even in Bling

Mother's Day Gift Guide Taxes, bills, recession, economy, yes, yes. With tighter budgets all around, it’s more fun to browse online, where you can look at the entertaining trinkets without having to placate a hovering salesperson.

Today’s toys come courtesy of the Cool Mom Picks Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

I’m always a sucker for USB memory, especially in crystal.

Check out these beautiful laptop sleeves.

And finally, from an earlier Cool Mom Picks post, a cute octopus in scarf and hat!

Non sequitur baby story of the day: While feeding Buster his dinner tonight, I accidentally dropped a piece of casserole from the spoon onto his high chair tray. He picked it up eagerly, and I expected him to stuff it into his mouth.

Nope, he carefully placed it back onto the spoon and waited for me to feed him. Tidy child.

P.S. I’ve already informed SwingDaddy that I don’t actually want any of the shopping items mentioned above. The crystal heart is only 1Gb, which makes the piece not quite pretty enough to be regular jewelry and not enough memory at that price to be useful. I’ve already got a bag for my laptop, and well, I do kind of want the octopus, but we’re suffering from a serious overpopulation of octopi around here, so I’m holding tight on the sealife moratorium.


Anonymous said...

Those laptop sleeves are so pretty! Sadly, I have no laptop at the moment to put one in. Which probably means I can't really show my face in geeky circles, but in my defense I had to turn it back in to work when I went on maternity leave.

I'm looking forward to getting a new and better one when I return. ;)

Mayberry said...

He put it back on the spoon? That is priceless!

Bob said...

Yes, putting it back on the spoon is hard to teach.

Magpie said...

I don't want that crystal heart, but it is peculiarly seductive.

Damselfly said...

Overpopulation of octopi. You're so funny! I like the crystal memory heart too, but not at that price.

What a cute little Buster!

Waltzing with Widgets said...

Seems you have to break your heart open to use it.

Asianmommy said...

I do like those laptop sleeves--so cute!

Mocha Dad said...

Now I know what I will get my wife for Mother's Day.