Thursday, March 19, 2009

This All Ends in a Full Sized Plush Replica of Alien Vs Predator Someday

Q-ster and I were playing Indiana Jones earlier this week when he handled me a pencil and told me to hold the “torch” for him.

I value his imagination and love how he repurposes his toys and everyday objects. A couple of flashcards have become the “plates” for his cooking set. Wooden blocks have become entrees. I sewed lightsabers and the whip out of a sense of self-preservation – to prevent bodily and furniture damage from the substitutes he’s invented.

He’s asked me to make him a blaster, but I’m not going to sew a gun, especially when he so easily creates them out of the drill from his toy Black and Decker set, or the lower case “r” from the wooden puzzle that spells his name. His teachers tell me that the children have designated the carrot and the banana from the kitchen set at school as guns and have been gently redirected to play otherwise.

I love that imagination (although I’m not crazy about guns). I don't intend to build him a jeep, giant boulder or the Ark of the Covenant, but maybe a few more things. Today, I felt like making something, and I thought, “Hey, a torch would be easy.”

Q-ster was so delighted with his new toy.

Then he handed me a basketball to be the idol. Uh-oh


Mayberry said...

That one is multi-functional--can also use to play caveman, Olympic torch relay runner, etc.!

appleseed said...

All good explorers need a torch! For Caves, dark jungles, old basements! Not just burning someone out of a trance, but that can be fun, too! You might just have the most eco-friendly night light on your hands... (You can't be scared of the dark if you have a torch. now go to sleep) heh heh!

Asianmommy said...

Haha! I love your torch!

Christina said...

Love the torch! You're so creative with your sewing!

And that torch will get used for so many different games. It's one of those universal toys.