Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Picking My Dancing with the Stars Pro Partner

As I was searching for news on Dancing with the Stars, I came across an online quiz: Who is the Perfect Professional (dance) Partner for You?

It looked like fun, so I overcame my usual reluctance for quizzes and started clicking on answer buttons. I chose performance songs, costume preferences, personal style, and then on the very last page, the site demanded my full name, mailing address, and all kinds of demographic information before it would reveal the answer. Not a chance. I abandoned the page and figured I’d never know the answer.

Afterwards, I had a good time discussing the idea with SwingDaddy, and we carefully considered who we’d prefer as partners, if we were to go on Dancing with the Stars.

For SwingDaddy: Cheryl and Julianne both have the championship track record and phenomenal choreography. We also think Kym is great, but too tall to match him. Chelsie has been turning out great work, but has less experience. Overall, he thought that Chelsie might be more fun to work with, but Cheryl would have a better edge for winning, especially since she’s shown she does a good job incorporating her partner’s talents.

His lineup:
1) Cheryl
2) Chelsie
3) Julianne

For me: So many people say Maks is the sexy hot one, but I never got over how unpleasant he seems to his partners. I think I’d end up clocking him with a chair at some point. Tony teaches his partners to dance timidly (we’ll see if Melissa can overcome this – he’s her only handicap this season, since she’s a beautiful dancer). Mark and Derek both have the championship track record, striking choreography, and a good body match for mine. I think I’d get along better with Mark, and I loved how he worked with Kristi Yamaguchi. Dmitri is also doing well, but he’s a little taller and also not as experienced.

My lineup:
1) Mark
2) Derek
3) Dmitri

Do you have a favorite? If you’re watching this season, do you also hate the “dance-off” where we have to fast forward through the two worst contestants repeating their performances?


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you on the guys. Mark first, definitely.
I think I would choose Julianne, Cheryl then Chelsie. What do you two think of Lacey?

4th B

Momma to LG said...

I think Dmitri is slowly becoming the new Maks. I would have to pick either Maks or Dmitri because of height and hotness!

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