Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Finally, Some Sleep

I missed finishing this post last night because I lay down to rest for a moment and both children slept through the night. Mmmmm, sleep. So, I’m postponing the dish on Dancing with the Stars for another post.

One thing I did get done – booked flights for BlogHer 09! When I checked on prices a few months ago, I swear tickets were running around $600-700. The price last night? $355. No kidding. All the businesses cancelling travel and families dropping vacations are really affecting the airlines. I’m feeling lucky to be able to take this trip.

And speaking of BlogHer, I’m determined to work my way through last year’s swag before picking up another bag.

I have a spare T-Mobile HotSpot card for “7 continuous days of unlimited Wi-Fi service.”

Would you like it? I don’t see an expiration date, so it should still work. Leave a note in the comments and I’ll do a random draw if there's more than one of you.


Mir said...

Ooooh, I could use that if it works for a computer. Was just trying to figure out a camping trip and connectivity. Not sure how this works, but it sounds promising!

Mayberry said...

Sleeeeeeep. How wonderful.

Christina said...

Always take sleep over anything else. Well, almost anything. Still, sleep is goooood.

And yay for booking your flight! I'm driving it this year, but just remembered to book my hotel a week ago. Don't want to miss out on a room like I did 2 years ago.

Lady M said...

Mir - it's yours!