Monday, March 30, 2009

Assistant to the B-Boy

It’s been harder to write lately, and I think it’s mostly due to exhaustion. This was the first weekend where we’ve been kind of “normal” in a long time. Both of us were healthy enough to field the boys, we had fun activities for Q-ster, and even a quasi-social gathering for SwingDaddy and me. I’ve realized that there is another issue though.

I’ve been thinking about each of Q-ster’s stories and whether they belong on the blog. He’s four now. A year and a half away from entering school and all the record-keeping and bureaucracy that it entails.

Just about any story about Buster is still ok to share – everyone gets their first tooth, takes a first step, learns to say “bye-bye” or eat solid food – these are very universal tales.

Q-ster, though, is growing into his own person, and his stories are becoming individual, unique to him, and some should be private. He has glorious strengths to share and his own challenges to overcome, and we’ll learn together which events to showcase and which will stay off-stage.

I’ve never been a Big Event and drama-trauma writer anyway, and I’ll be keeping it that way for the foreseeable future, even if it means I never launch a thousand tweets or Facebook alerts to a new controversial post about breastfeeding/CIO/corporal punishment/Angelina Jolie’s newest babies.

With those thoughts in mind, here’s an on-stage tale:

A few weeks ago, Q-ster was dancing around, doing cartwheels and balancing on his head (briefly). He arrived at my chair without a shirt, explaining that his dance number required him to remove it. A few questions later, I confirmed that he was recreating the amazing Quest Crew style-decathalon from America’s Best Dance Crew, and we watched the YouTube video together again. The whole number is terrific, including “tutting,” “threading,” and krumping, including the doffing-shirt part at 1:50.

He asked me to help him put his shirt back on and went off to dance some more. He returned, shirtless. “Mommy, Can you help me with my shirt?”

I put his shirt back on. Dance. Return. Shirt request. Repeat.

Dude, you’re doing a great job with this rough and tumble krumping number, and boy are you cute, but it undermines your street cred when your mother has to help you get dressed again.


Mir said...

HA! That was awesome. :)

YF said...

so cute! what a great story.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the Q-ster has some pretty impressive dance moves for a 4-year-old, no matter who puts his shirt on. ;)

Bob said...

Impressive moves and nice photo shots.

Mayberry said...

Just a few more years until O and Q can team up to form their own dance crew!

Desiree said...

Those are great pictures of Q-ster in action! I love the first one in particular. Andrew likes dance crew too and does similar stunts but it's hard to distinguish his "kung fu" from his "break dancing."

I saw that they are now offering a boy's hip hop/tap combo dance class through the city and I thought for a minute about signing him up and see what it was like but opted for soccer instead.