Thursday, February 12, 2009

Well That Went Better Than Expected

Because I only have one Valentine card design that I’ve been ‘borrowing’ for the last couple of decades, I spent some time last weekend calculating how much work it was going to be to coax the little dude into making twenty-two Valentines for his preschool class. We only had to make six last year in his previous school, and he’d been totally uninterested, only contributing a crayon scribble here or there.

What a difference a year makes! I cut out the construction paper hearts, but Q-ster did almost everything else. He wrote his name on the back, glued the hearts together, and stuck the stickers on top. It still took a lot of supervision, but these are really his cards this year.

In reality dance TV news, America’s Best Dance Crew has been really fantastic this season. All the crews were good to begin with, but the best ones have definitely ended up on top (unlike some other questionable shows). Our favorites are Quest Crew, Beat Freaks, and Strikers, who with the Fly Khicks (former NBA dance team members) are the final four.

Quest features So You Think You Can Dance faves Hok and Dominic, and they entertain with their stunts and inventive choreography each week. I believe Strikers is based on the African American fraternity step tradition, and they are so sharp, strong, and synchronized.

We were sorry to see Dynamic Edition go this week, but they were such an unlikely team that they made it a lot farther than we expected – it’s a stellar clogging hip hop group, really! Sort of Appalachia meets street. It was cool to see the meeting of dancers and dance styles, and a bit amusing at the good-byes when the huge, muscular Strikers were hugging the very pale and cornfed-looking cloggers. I hope they’re invited to the next tour.

Dynamic Edition
Unlike last year, where every single crew was interracial, there were several single-race teams this year, but to balance it out, there were three dual-gender teams and two all-female teams, both of which made the top four. It’s especially encouraging to see the Beat Freaks, who rocked to the top this week with strong dancing and plenty of acrobatics, and without taking all their clothes off. Sexy is great, but it’s not the only thing in dancing, and they really shine at all of it.

Beat Freaks

Other dancing news: Have you sent the Dancing with the Stars season eight cast list? I’m not sure whether to be excited or really frightened. Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson should be fun. Performers Belinda Carlisle, Lil’ Kim, and Jewel may have a shot. Apple Computer genius Steve Wozniak? Hmmm. Well, we could be surprised.

Our favorite pros are back, and they now include three alums of SYTYCD – Lacey Schwimmer, Dmitry Chaplin, and Chelsie Hightower. It’s a good move by ABC, since the pros probably have as big a following as the C-list “stars.”


Mayberry said...

I don't know why I am not watching that show, since I love SYTYCD so much! I have to start!

Kimberly said...

We made our cards this year again too and I have to say, thank GOD it gets easier every year! That is a very cute card design; I may need to "borrow" it next year.

Damselfly said...

The Q-ster rocks!