Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Piano Headspin, a Worthy Goal

Quest Crew totally rocked on America’s Best Dance Crew tonight. They finished their number with a guy doing a sitting backflip, something I’ve never seen before – starting sitting on his butt, legs crossed, and flipping up to his feet, hands never touching the ground. Wow!

For their second number, one guy did a headspin on the grand piano while another one played (although he probably pre-recorded it, but I’ll forgive them that). I think we should aim for that level of entertainment in classical concerts, going forward.

In unrelated news, there have been a few “25 details about me” memes floating around lately. Memes are often dreadfully dull, but here are three answers that were intriguing.

Blogger: Gunfighter (who is a former Marine and current tactical firearms instructor)
Question: What is the first thing you notice about people?
Answer: Whether or not they look like they are armed.

Blogger: Mary P (expert in all things childcare)
Question: How much did your child weigh at birth?
Answer: Nine pounds, ten ounces in eighty-seven minutes. (And not a single rip or tear. “You have very elastic tissue” said my GP. “You get the d*mndest compliments in a hospital” I riposted.)

Blogger: The all-famous Dooce
Question: Who is more stubborn (you or your spouse)?
Answer: I am Southern stubborn, he is Mormon Pioneer stubborn. And together we gave birth to a monster.


Anonymous said...

correct me if i am wrong but i feel the blogger should be a different post together from explaining the dance sequence post i was scratching my head for a while to link them any ways good blog

Lady M said...

Hemant - Thanks, I've added a transition so that non-sequitur-ville goes a little more smoothly.

Anonymous said...

Love the meme excerpts
4th B

Mayberry said...

I think you should start sharing your ideas with the classical music world -- it needs some better marketing!

Anonymous said...

That quote from Gunfighter is awesome! :)