Wednesday, February 11, 2009

People Who Crave Leaving Tips

AAA magazine (that’s the Automobile Association, not Alcoh*lics Anonymous, for those of you keeping track of my periodicals) had an entertaining article written by an American journalist who had joined a Japanese bus tour . . . in the US. He visited Yosemite and Disneyland, tagging along with the tourists and seeing our country through their eyes.

It’s a fascinating concept, and actually kind of easy to make one’s own regular, dull environment more interesting just by thinking about how it’s unique. The part I enjoyed the most was how he struck up a friendship with a young Japanese couple and they told him the things they most wanted to do.

1) Leave a tip after a meal, since the practice of gratuities in restaurants was only something they’d seen in movies.

2) Go to a house party and have a barbeque in a big back yard, since they were accustomed to tiny apartments and living spaces.

Those things were exotic and the height of excitement to his new friends. It really is all perspective.


kittenpie said...

Meanwhile, Motherbumper was tweeting the other day about wanting to try one of those Japanese drawerhotels!

It can be scary when thesethings get together though - manyyears back, a Japanse couple in anational park here smeared honey on their child'sarm and sent him towards a bear so h could pat it. You can imagine how badly mauled he was. They had no concept of wild animals at all to go by.

Mayberry said...

Oh, my, Kittenpie!

I do think it's cute that the couple in the AAA story wanted to leave a tip! Funny. When I lived in France, I went to a gourmet food store...and found Ortega taco-making kits. FANCY!

Anonymous said...

And Harry and Ron couldn't understand why Hermione wanted to take Muggle Studies :)

4th B

Anonymous said...

We get our own Automobile Association magazine up here, and it's one of my faves, too. I love that the Japanese couple wanted to leave a tip! I always find tipping a little bit awkward, it's a lovely change of perspective to know that someone views it as 'novel'.

Magpie said...

That is rather charming, wanting to tip and go to a cookout.

Kimberly said...

Simple pleasures . . . who knew those were the "American" things that would be highest on their list.