Sunday, February 01, 2009

Motherhood Maternity/Parenting Mag Were Evil; What About Parents Mag?

As a foolish and ignorant first-time mom-to-be, I shopped at Motherhood Maternity, legendary for their stingy return policies, because I didn’t know where else to go (Gap Maternity and Old Navy, but I learned that later). As I paid for my oversized pants and jacket, the sales lady told me that I’d be receiving a free copy of Parenting Magazine.

What they didn’t say was that they would be giving that magazine my credit card number, so that if I didn’t call and cancel, I would be automatically charged for a subscription! Slimy, underhanded, and really unethical. When I received the bill, I wrote to both the store and the magazine, and they quietly canceled the subscription.

Fast forward to today. Out of the blue, I’ve started receiving Parents Magazine, which as far as I know is not related to Parenting Magazine. Does anyone know if they are part of a nasty organization or if they’re legit? I don’t care if they send me free copies to keep up their circulation numbers for advertisers, but I’m definitely not willing to pay for it.

For the first time in memory, we didn’t have a SuperBowl party. We just hosted a big event two weeks ago and Q-ster’s birthday bash is coming up, so a third party was more than we could handle. Still, it was strange not to have everyone gathered here.

Q-ster asked me to “play football” with him, and we threw the beach ball around for a while. Then he amended the game to be “football while dancing.” This is where people who are not parents or grandparents of my children can roll their eyes and wait for the indulgent my-child-is-amazing paragraph to pass:

I showed him a figure skating video on YouTube this morning, just a single three-minute video one time, and his dancing today reflected the posture, movement and standing poses of the skater. He spun in place, jumped and spun in the air, and even held his arms differently than his hip-hip dances.

The LaDanian Tomlinson jersey is getting small, so next season it’ll be time to pass it down to Buster and get a bigger one. Skate, LaDanian, skate!


Mayberry said...

Parents is totally legit but who knows if they have the same kind of shady subscription tactics going on. Sometimes they will sell subs to an organization (your kid's preschool, your company's HR dept) which will then send the mag to their employees/parents etc.

Anonymous said...

Dedicated chain maternity stores suck. They totally sell your info to everyone. I tried not to give it to them this time, and it came down to a standoff over whether I could buy a sweater without providing all my personal details. Since I had a screamy 3-year-old with me I gave in, and a week later all the junk started arriving. Gah!

Not that I'm still bitter, or anything. ;-)

And I love the photos - very cute!

Leighann said...

I try not to give out info if I don't have to.

Like at Toys R Us and other stores that ask for your phone number. When they ask "Can I have your phone number?" I say "No."

They don't use your number for anything related to your purchase, so as far as I am concerned they don't need it.

I can't wait for my daughter to be old enough for the hip hop classes at her studio. I think that's her calling more than ballet. Maybe I should let her watch figure skating to learn a little more graceful movement!

Bob said...

Great dance poses.
The question is "Will LaDanian still be with the Chargers in the 2009 season?"

Bob said...

Great dance poses.
The question is "Will LaDanian still be with the Chargers in the 2009 season?"

Kimberly said...

I hate chain maternity stores with the heat of a thousand fiery suns. They suck!

I know Parents is a legit magazine, but I'm not sure if it's affiliated with Parenting.

Love the dance shots!

Dawn said...

Parents has sent me their magazine for 7.5 years now for free. I am not sure why, but I know I've never been would think I would have questioned this by now...oh, well, you know what they say about looking a gift horse in the mouth...

Damselfly said...

Football while dancing. You must be so proud!

I have gotten a couple magazines for free. I think if you are their target demographic, some mags give away subscriptions so they can tell advertisers they have a certain number of eyes reading them.

Hey, maybe I should give my blog away for free.

Oh, wait, it already is!

Bridget said...

I have to chime in here. I lovereading your blog! I used to work for Motherhood Maternity while I was in college (5+ yrs ago). I worked full time for barely any money, but that's besides the point =)

We HAD and were FORCED to ask customers for their info -- name, address, ph # etc and enticed them to do by saying they'd receive coupons in the mail, and hence most people said yes.

I NEVER knew they sold your info, gave out your credit card info and I am now horrified. This does make me think though...I bought a sweater for a friend of mine who was newly preggo, and MM had the nerve to ask me for HER information. I politely declined but did had to argue with the sales girl that since it was a gift and it wasn't my info, that i wasn't going to give it out.

at MM you are allowed to say matter how much they bug you about it.

Hope I helped, and sorry for the huge annoyance!