Saturday, February 07, 2009

Is It Wrong to Celebrate Getting Back Into Pre-Pregnancy Jeans By Getting Cupcakes?

Now that the household is more or less healthy again (fingers crossed), we’ve turned our attention back to personal grooming. We had haircuts for everyone except the baby last weekend, and today, I finally went to have my eyebrows waxed. The mall had a new Sprinkles store, so I had to stop and pick up some gourmet cupcakes to take home.

The special box.

Yummy inside.

On the cutting board, ready to be divided between the three of us. I only bought two because we didn’t really need all that chocolate and red velvet in the middle of the day, plus they have gourmet prices.

We’re definitely going back.

Today was a special denim day. Not only did I fit back into my regular jeans again, but SwingDaddy convinced Q-ster to wear his jeans too! He loves soft fabric so much that he’s pretty much been wearing sweatpants since he outgrew his footie 'play & sleeps.'

My newly jeaned, three-almost-four year old paused between bites of cupcake to observe my face and said, “Your eyebrows look nice, Mommy. Who fixed them?”

I just had time to laugh and say thank-you, before he finished his treat and displayed being firmly in touch with both his masculine and feminine sides by picking up his lightsaber and demanding, “Let’s fight!”


Beth said...

Horray for pre-pregnancy jeans! I got into mine too, only to get right back out.

Anonymous said...

Wow, those cupcakes look amazing! I want one too, but they don't seem to be available in Canada. Which might be a good thing, if I want to get back into my own pre-pregnancy jeans.

Mayberry said...

He really noticed!? Or he knew that's where you went? Even so, I am very impressed.

kittenpie said...

yay for your jeans! I fit only my stretchiest and most forgiving ones so far, but I'm getting there. I figure the rest will come off in spring, when I start getting out more. It's just so crappy, I'm in hibernation mode, except for a couple of days this week when I gratefully went for good walks. Those cupcakes look awesome, though - who could pass those up?