Thursday, February 19, 2009

I’m Having the Same Life as Mir

Blog superstar Mir (with whom I was reunited at BlogHer 06 after having gone to elementary school together and then not seen each other since – see photographic evidence of us in 5th grade) wrote about her new kitchen table today, which is smaller than her old one but in a cozy, nice way and has made life immensely better.

Even more encouraging is the email from my parents telling me that their kitchen table, the one lovingly described in yesterday’s post, has a 42” diameter, only one inch wider than the IKEA table that I feared was too small. I think we’re headed up to our local Swedish outpost this weekend.

In other Mir news, apparently she has a problem with destroying keyboards with her energetic typing. First, she wears the letters off the keyboard, and then the it breaks. Fortunately, Apple has been good and replaced her last keyboard. I haven’t actually broken a keyboard, but I have another weird problem. I blur the letters on the keyboard. Only some of them, but my keyboards all look a little odd.

Q-ster loves to type and will occasionally be looking down to find a letter. The poor kid has to ask “Is this the M or the N, Mama?” and I’ll have to peer at it for a while.

For Valentine’s Day, SwingDaddy and I got each other new keyboards, and it’s very pleasant to have a fully functional keyboard, featuring a choice of backlighting colors in red, blue or purple! (This is important for when you have the room lights very low to lull a baby to sleep. Not the color part, the lighting part. You know what I mean.)

I look forward to reading Mir’s next post to see what is going to happen in my life next week.


Mayberry said...

Ooh, this is news to me, the backlit keyboard thing! Pretty.

For the record, I have worn off the letters E, S, L, and N. Do I type the word LENS a lot, or something?

Mir said...

Can't... take... the... PRESSURE!!

*checking calendar* Um, next week I'm planning to clean my desk. Hope you can join me. ;)

Anonymous said...

It's always nice to have someone blazing the trail for you like that. It saves a lot of the guesswork.

And I'm also glad to know that my promotion of 'Swedish' furniture is not in vain. ;)

Damselfly said...

Ooh, aah! Look at your new keyboards! I have worn the letters off mine too. Have fun at IKEA! (Why is the company name in caps, do you have any idea?)

Magpie said...

My laptop has a backlit keyboard, it's great!

appleseed said...

Man! I go offline for a month and the MIR has assimilated you?

Seriously! Cool table, though... I sure am gonna miss IKEA!