Monday, February 23, 2009

I Can't Believe My Parents Make Me Do This

The week before Christmas, Q-ster’s preschool hosted a “Kids Night” event so that parents could finish shopping and holiday prep. The little dude’s Star Wars buddy was going too, so we figured he’d have a good time while we ran a few errands.

I came across the results of the craft project while sorting through my desk this weekend and had to share. Here is the trio of magnets that the teachers helped him make from photos taken that evening and his surrounding scribbles.

Ok, fine, I’ll stand here for your picture.

Another picture? I am sooooo tolerant.

Antlers? The indignity is unbelievable.

And a Merry late Christmas to you.


Mayberry said...

Ohhh, that middle one is SO SWEET. They all are, but that one esp. made me swoon.

Anonymous said...

'Kids Night' sounds like a brilliant idea. Plus you get photos of your long-suffering child. What could be better?