Monday, February 09, 2009

Comprehension in All the Wrong Places

While looking through a news website for televised times of last weekend’s big Chinese New Year Parade, I came across a description of a "Marshall Arts" group performance. From professional journalists, no less. I wish I’d taken a screen shot, because I can’t find the page any more.

And as an example of a time when someone does understand but you wish he didn’t:

We’ve been talking about getting a new bed for Q-ster, probably a mattress and box spring to put directly on the floor (no space for monsters, and still a bit closer to the ground than adding a frame). It seems a shame to not have drawers underneath for storage space, but as my mom points out, if we need that extra space in this house, we have waaaaay too much stuff.

Q-ster heard her say that and exclaimed, “What about Space Bags? I saw them on TV!

The perils of watching Food Network instead of PBS Kids.


Anonymous said...

The amazing absorption skills of kids. Ha!

4th B

Mayberry said...

Even on the kids' channels, you get all the commercials for Snuggies and (Opie's favorite) the Big City Slider Station. He so wants one of those.

kittenpie said...

I keep wondering if space bags really are the answer myself... but I think I really just need to purge some stuff and built a damn closet, instead. (We currently have NOT ONE.)

And I hate the frequency of grammar mistakes made by journalists, too - especially on air. I mean, you are paid to speak in front of people! Can you please stop saying, "Currently right now" for goodenss' sake?

Kimberly said...

Oooof. That is a serious error. Don't these people have editors?

So funny about the space bags! Next, he's going to ask for a Snuggie.