Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Big Boy Beds and Feeling Better

We’re not through the woods yet, but everyone is feeling better. I realized that I haven’t taken pictures in a week, which is probably the longest I’ve gone since Q-ster was born.

Here’s Buster in his new size-large sleeping bag, looking like a mer-baby.

We got a new twin bed for Q-ster last week, delivered just before the plague struck.

I smugly nodded when reading this great post on decorating kids rooms when I reached the line, “Buy a solid color comforter. Avoid the Star Wars comforter and just get the sheet set instead.” Because that’s exactly what we’d done, mostly because I was shocked at the price of a Star Wars comforter that didn't even have that cool of a design.

The little dude is looking pretty content here. My eyes spin a bit looking at his patterned pajamas against the sheets, but I wasn't about to make him change just to get a better photo.


Mayberry said...

That IS a good tip about the comforter.

My aunt gave my son Cars (the movie) sheets, and they have a TYPO on them ("Rookin of the year") which really makes me cringe.

Bob said...

Cute Mer-baby.
So that's a full size bed (not a twin size)?

Anonymous said...

What kid wouldn't sleep better on those sheets? And the solid comforter is a great tip, because now it will not be forever relegated to the preschooler's bedroom.

We got our daughter a full-size bed of her own when she was 18 months, so that we could sleep in her room (and to get her out of ours). It's been great, we love it.

Kimberly said...

That is an excellent tip about the comforter!

They are both so cute.

YF said...

so adorable! both the boys look great.