Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Party Themes – Was There Ever a Choice?

Q-ster’s friends are all starting to turn four, so the round of birthday parties is beginning. I looked up last year’s post and it begins exactly the same way (except they were turning three, obviously). Not unexpectedly, the little dude does not want a bouncy castle or gymnastics gig – he wants to have a Star Wars party. More precisely, a big lightsaber duel.

The idea of a roomful of almost-fours staging an epic battle is quite frightening, but it might actually work. My father came up with the idea of inflating those long skinny balloons that entertainers twist into cute animals, and instead calling them lightsabers. Simple, inexpensive, a whole lot of fun to wave in the air, and virtually impossible to do damage to oneself or the furniture.

Judging by the reaction of Princess T to having her own pink lightsaber, the girls are as likely to have a good time as the boys, but I think we’ll just have to have a lot of adult supervision. If we do this at all, the way it may work best is for the parents to take turns in the battle and keep the actual child-to-child contact low (and besides, it’s really fun to play. I’ve been on the receiving end of these duels for three and a half months, and it’s still entertaining for me).

I may wake up in the morning and realize that this is all a really, really bad idea, and we’ll rent a pony instead.


Waltzing with Widgets said...

Awesome photo of the lightsabers in action!

ewe are here said...

That might just work! My two adore playing with balloons; I keep a pack in the house and a balloon pump for the little terrors.

Amber said...

I think I'm sort of glad my almost-4-year-old is a girl and loves all things princess. It makes for a much more sedate party, even if the gender messages give me knots in my stomach. ;-)

K goose blog said...

Impressive... gymnastics is sounding much easier.