Saturday, January 31, 2009

Olympic Skaters Who Can Spell

Another year, another pilgrimage to the Stars On Ice tour with SwingDaddy and Lady O! (Tickets and tour dates here.)

I was going to begin the post with “through a combination of being returning patrons and fan club privileges, we had the best seats we've ever had before – on the ice, just a few feet from the center line,” but I find that exact sentence in last year’s post, as well as some other memories that I absolutely don’t recall. I’ll plead distraction from being enormously pregnant at the time.

Sasha Cohen was back with a graceful winged number.

Ilia Kulik showed his huge jumps, and I really liked his "Song for the King" number. He’s either improving at self-choreography or is now working with someone who uses his talents well.

Shen and Zhao in one of their big throws. It’s amazing that she can land these things.

John Zimmerman skating with Yuka Sato, both looking great. Unfortunately, John’s partner Kyoko Ina didn’t return this year, likely because the physical fallout from their reckless, riding-the-edge stunts was starting to take its toll. Too bad, because they were stunning together.

Overall, we enjoyed the show lots, but it was clear that the group choreography wasn't up to the usual high SOI level of entertainment. There was a lot of cascaded repetition that grew dull quickly.

When you have such fine material, there's no excuse for not showing them off! I would wish for Torvill and Dean to return and pump up the creative level, but it sounds like they are busy with a lucrative skating-with-celebrities type TV show back home in the UK.

I have a new favorite: Michael Weiss. He's a great showman, moves well, entertains, jumps, and backflips. And get this. He can spell, punctuate, and write an engaging narrative as well! He blogs occasionally on his own website as well as a Stars on Ice fan club page, and it's a fun read. (Not saying that other skaters can't write entertainingly, just saying that Michael’s writing is exceptionally coherent.)

I got to slap hands with both Michael and John Z when the skaters did their zoom around the rink before final bows. :)

Thank you for the great pictures, SwingDaddy! Can't wait until next year - check out if they're coming to a city near you.


Bob said...

You ought to charge Stars on Ice for promotional fees.
Great photos, when Sasha's photo appeared when I first opened the Blog, I was about to say what a stunning beautiful shot; then I read on and found all to photos to be great (multiple rapid shots no doubt).

ewe are here said...

SO lucky.... I grew up skating and would love to take my boys to such a show when they're older.

Mayberry said...

Those are amazing pictures!

Kimberly said...

Amazing pictures! Sasha Cohen is so graceful.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic photos! You must have been just a few feet from us at the show. We also had fan-club on-ice tickets.

ewe: We brought our 5 month old son to the show and he loved it. Last year we brought our daughter (1 year old at the time). Todd Eldredge has flirted with both of our kids.