Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mommy Fett

As hosts of the annual holiday gathering of our dance friends this year, selecting the costume theme was not difficult. There have been evenings dressed as Victorian, Ragtime, film noir, “Christmas morning,” Kings and Queens, and Lord of the Rings over the years, and last night, we chose Space Opera.

Q-ster wore his increasingly splendid Obi-wan costume, Buster was a sort of baby Jedi, and I wore Jedi business casual (brown hoodie sweater, khaki pants with a light saber handle hanging from my belt.) SwingDaddy wore his Halloween Jango Fett costume until it got too hot, and then placed the helmet and jumpsuit next to the other extraneous costume pieces that were discarded as they got in the way of eating.

The two little girls in attendance came as charming princess/fairy types and immediately seized upon the pink lightsaber as a worthy accessory. As everyone started trying on the Fett helmet, the children took a turn too. I was thrilled at how well they got along and played, running through the playroom and making up their own games.

Side note: Weeks ago, I heard Q-ster saying “Baba Fett,” and I asked, “Do you mean Boba Fett?” who is the bounty hunter son of Jango Fett in the Star Wars universe. He replied in the negative. He distinctly meant Baba Fett (Baba is Chinese for father, which is what he called SwingDaddy until he mastered saying, “Daddy”), because he explained that the rest of the family would be “Mommy Fett, Q-ster Fett, and Buster Fett.” Right.

Without further ado, I present additional members of the Fett Family: Princess Fett and Dainty Fett.

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Kimberly said...

Ha! That last photo kills me. It's like two toys that got mushed together - the fairy doll and the Star Wars head. Too cute!