Saturday, January 24, 2009

Life in Our House

The boys in battle.

Buster has his own baby-sized light saber. I was worried that he might ingest some of the polyfill I used for the other toys, so I stuffed his with old shredded (clean) socks, making it safer for chewing.

We’re starting to use a few baby signs, particularly the “more” and “milk” signs that were so useful when Q-ster was a baby. We didn’t start blogging until he was a year old, so I’ll have to thumb through SwingDaddy’s paper log to see when he started signing back. Communication is (hopefully) just around the corner – so exciting!


Anonymous said...

Loving the baby light saber. :-)

kittenpie said...

That's awesome... I don't think Pumpkinpie started signing back until 9 months or a year, and we just used the ones we really thought would be helpful, like more, done, milk, etc. And for some reason, light, which was her first.

Bob said...

Good looking photo of Buster

Kimberly said...

That baby light saber is awesome! I bet you could sell those online.