Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Junior Culinary Dude

I'm not a foodie. The first time I heard of argula was when Obama was slammed by critics for mentioning an "elitist" vegetable. Chorizo came into my vocabulary when Mom-101 named her cat. I think Q-ster is going to expand my horizons too.

I rarely watch TV with him – SwingDaddy usually watches an evening program with him like Little Bill before bedtime while I’m getting Buster ready – but tonight I was feeling really under the weather, and it was going to be another hour before SwingDaddy got home from his convention.

“Hey honey, do you want to watch a little TV?”

He curled up next to me, requested Food Network, and oohed and ahhed over the program. When offered the choice of Disney Channel or Sprout, he chooses Food Network. Hey, life’s always entertaining with the little dude.

Photo: Last night when SwingDaddy was also working late, he said he missed his Daddy. I suggested writing a letter, and he decided to write letters to the whole family. I helped him with the first M in Mama, but he steadily worked his way through the other letters and some abstract scribbles.

Unrelated: While driving to work, I heard the morning radio show offer a prize of an HD DVD player. Isn’t that about as useful as a Betamax?

Another tidbit: I heard a commercial for Underwater – the Rise of the Lichens, and thought, a movie about algae? But then I realized it was for Underworld – the Rise of the Lycans.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's great that the Q-ster is so interested in food. My preschooler's idea of fine cuisine begins and ends with chocolate chip cookies.

Mom101 said...

I haven't heard of Argula either.


Damselfly said...

His writing looks great actually!

One vegetable that stumped me this week was watercress I supposedly needed for a recipe. I couldn't find it in the produce section and was too embarrassed to ask what it looked like.

kittenpie said...

Pumpkinpie loves "the cooking guys," too. I don't get it, but Misterpie does.