Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I’ll Never Catch Up

Does everyone else also accumulate a list of blogging topics and pictures that grows faster than you have time to post? Well, I suppose it’s better than feeling so dull that there’s nothing to say. Here are a few catch-up pix from earlier in the month.

I’d purchased these window gels in after-Christmas clearance and pulled them out one afternoon when Nanny J had gone home sick and I needed to be on some conference calls. Q-ster entertained himself for hours, rearranging all the snowmen in one pane and snowflakes in another. Then all the red circles in a line and green circles elsewhere. All gels in one pane, and then stuck in separate panes.

It was the best dollar I’ve spent in a long time. Plus he practiced counting them all periodically to make sure none were missing, since I told him that he had to make sure they didn't drop to the floor, where Buster might chew on them.

Since Buster has gotten so mobile, we set up the Pack and Play to have a safe place to deposit him if something urgent came up. One day, I came home to find both boys and every toy in the room all mixed together inside.


Anonymous said...

I either have a huge list of blog topics, or I'm at a total loss. It's always feast or famine around these parts.

And it looks like the boys are enjoying the pack 'n play. My daughter hated it when she was a baby, but I bet she'd enjoy it too if it contained a baby and a truckload of toys. Which makes me think I should dig it out...

Bob said...

It's great when they can entertain each other.

kittenpie said...

Are you kidding? You post eveyr day! You should see my draft files... they're endless.

And you're making me think I should find our play yard before I need it.

Leighann said...

You could fill the pack 'n play with those plastic balls. Like at indoor playgrounds, but without all the gross other-kid germs!

I have a long list of begun-but-not-finished posts and a pile of press releases and product info to go through and why did I ever agree to review several different books (that look incredibly good) when I can't find time to read.

You do such a great job of regular posting. I wax and wane.

Damselfly said...

Isn't that a blogger's dream -- to have more to write than you have time for? :)

It's also great your boy can entertain himself so well. And watch out for his little brother, to boot.