Monday, January 05, 2009

Crawly (and Dancey and Twittery)

Remember how I was hoping that Buster wouldn’t get the hang of crawling until after Christmas? We got really lucky with his timing. Just as we were taking the tree out to the curb for foliage pickup last night, the micro dude started hauling across the fir needle-covered carpet, ready for action. He’s mobile and dangerous.

If you’re not into dance reality shows, skip to the end for a tidbit on using social media.

Tonight's episode of Superstars of Dance was ok. Good enough to watch next week, but not enough to be really excited about it

Like many of yesterday's commenters, the judging annoys me more and more. What are the criteria? Are there any? If you're going to allow an Argentinian bolo number and a kung fu double chain routine in the competition at all, it doesn't make a lot of sense to complain that they're not 'dancing.' Either that style of movement is not eligible to begin with, or they need to broaden their definitions of quality dancing.

Are the judges writing down their scores before the first judge presents hers? No matter how much someone believes his impartiality, it’s virtually impossible to not be influenced by what a whole panel of other experts has said just prior. The show had a terrible tie-breaker this evening where five judges were called to make immediate decisions verbally, one after the other, where the later judges were clearly making up their minds after the first ones had spoken.

Another point worth noting is that even my much loved So You Think You Can Dance was not nearly as strong in early seasons. Competitors better and better suited to the show auditioned each year, culminating in season 4, where almost every member of the top twenty was fabulous. If Superstars fixes its mystery judging and comes back for another season, the teams will recalibrate the kinds of acts that can win.

As far as the actual dancing, the US team ROCKED. It was a locking, popping, b-boy routine with sophisticated choreography and even a storyline, based on the experiences of one of their members being shot and learning to walk and dance again.

I sent a Twitter message (can’t quite bring myself to say “tweeted”) last night saying that NBC should revamp their Superstars of Dance website, to see if anyone at the company is checking what’s being said. Not a peep from the official show. However, I did get a new follower, one Maria Kochetkova, a name unknown to me.

I followed her link back, and she’s a principal dancer with the San Francisco Ballet, representing Russia in the competition. Clever, clever girl. She has a blog, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and when I watched her tonight, I was already rooting for her as “my friend” – although I would have thought she was brilliant anyway.


Mamacita Tina said...

Buster, you did good waiting 'til after Christmas! Gosh he's cute!

Christina said...

Oh yeah, Aaron and I were followed by her on Twitter as soon as we mentioned anything about Superstars of Dance. She's got her Twitter filters set up well!

Totally agree about the judging, though. It was so inconsistent (except for the Chinese judge - 9 times out of 10 he gave an 8) and after the higher scores of the night before, it seemed like the judges were just getting angry with each other and trying to rate other countries lower than theirs.

And congrats to Buster for crawling! Yay!

Amber said...

Wow, not a second too soon getting the tree out of there! Crawling children are a menace around ornaments, I'm glad you were able to avoid the problems.

Damselfly said...

Look at the Microdude go! You got your after-Christmas wish!

And wow, friending a Russian dancer on Twitter! Pretty cool.

kittenpie said...

Thiat IS clever! And look at Buster go! So cute!