Monday, January 12, 2009

Cognitive Development, Infant Stimulation, and Really Wacky Icons

Buster was distinctly displeased to ride in his car seat last week, so it was time to look for some new travel distractions. I ordered the Car Seat Gallery, which features four clear pockets where we can slide our own photos or use the special 'reversible cards with high contrast graphics' that will certainly make the baby smarter.

The first cards seemed nice and friendly.

This next one looks a little threatening, like spikes.

This one makes me dizzy.

The dog looks like he needs to go into rehab.

Is this some kind of hazardous waste icon?

This one is the worst. I think it's a crying baby who's been clocked in the eye.

I think we'll stick with the happy animals.

Re: Superstars of Dance
The Argentine tango couple rocked it again! So did the American hip hop team. There must have been something extra slippery about the floor for this episode, because there were a lot of slips, but fortunately, no one fell. With the power of fast forward and lowered expectations for the program, I enjoyed this week's show much more.


kittenpie said...

Haha! I love your comments on them. That could maybe be the Target dog? Thost really are just high contrast patterns for babies, so I think he's beyond that anyhow.

Kimberly said...

Yeah, that one with the concentric rings would definitely make me toss my cookies if I stared at it long enough in a moving vehicle. But the animals are cute.

Bob said...

Funny comments.

Amber said...

My oldest cried in the car ALL THE TIME. It was the suck. I hope that the cute animals do the trick for you. :-)