Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Year and A Day

A year and a day ago, we moved into this house during the biggest rainstorm of the whole winter. I love our home. It’s not perfect – the door to the Harry Potter room has gotten stuck, so our coats are haphazardly piled on the front hall bench, and the lighting system still drives me nuts – but we’re happy here.

I’m trying to convince SwingDaddy to let me paint over the wallpaper in the kitchen, because removing it is too big a job to tackle right now, and he says that I’m allowed to paint just as soon as I demonstrate my ability to be responsible with liquids by refilling the kitchen hand soap without spilling. Which I have actually done, at least one time in a row.

We’ve also emptied our bedroom (almost) of boxes, leaving an empty, undecorated space perfect for Q-ster to run laps and for Buster to show his disagreement with the editorial content of magazines. There are still boxes galore in the office, but I’m turning a blind eye for another few months.

The tree in our front yard is sprouting hundreds of oranges, and we’re looking forward to more seasons of picking, sharing, and chocolate dipping. We hope to live here for at least eighteen years, long enough for Buster to graduate from the excellent high school down the street . . . if the economy and job market allow. It’s scary and thrilling to think in multiple decades, but Year One has been a good start.


Mamacita Tina said...

Boy, that was a fast year! How lucky you have orange trees, yum.

I've often thought about those unopened boxes we have up high on closet shelves, whether to bother to look in them, or to just throw them away. Some have not been peered into in over five years.

YF said...

Great first year. Lots of wonderful memories. Congrats!! btw, I bought every possible tool and solution to remove the wallpaper in our house before I gave up and hired people. IT SUCKED. I still have some of the scrapers and solution I think if you are interested.... Let me know!

kittenpie said...

That's awesome - it' sso good when somewhere feels like home. Our big dilemma is that while our house needs lots of serious work and it'd be easier to just move, we don't want to move of four block!

Mayberry said...

A year already! Wow.

I'd love to stay in our house forever. I hope my husband can stand to keep his job that long.

Amber said...

So jealous of the orange trees. I've eaten a fresh-picked orange once in my life, and I still remember how marvelous it was. Grocery store oranges simply can't compare.