Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Worthy Causes, Electric Nostalgia

I finished up our year-end charitable donations tonight. As I wrote last year, we handle most of our favored organizations through the year as their campaigns run, but there are always a few to catch in December. In addition to our usual alma mater contribution, we were able to give a little to primary school assistance (back to school backpack drive, classroom supplies), healthcare (children’s hospital, combating cancer), and disaster relief (aid for children in the China earthquake.)

I noticed we hadn’t yet covered poverty assistance. I like to find a smaller, extremely local group to help and haven’t identified a group since our move last year, so I settled for the food bank that supplies the county. The good part is that the Company will do a 100% match on that.

Thanks to friends who were participating in various fund drives, the donations were spread out pretty evenly through the year, which made it manageable – especially since most donations were made before the national economic squeeze had set in! None of our gifts are huge, but it feels nice to be able to give back in some small way.

While looking up last December’s post on this topic, I paused for a moment to smile over the photos of our former neighbor’s exuberant Christmas display. The little dude’s going to miss looking out the window to check out the circus each night.

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Funny, I posted on a similar topic today!