Monday, December 22, 2008

Not Really Hearing Impaired But A Lot Like It

Q-ster went to “Kids Night Out” at preschool today, an activity session designed to free up parents to finish Christmas shopping, wrapping, or even have a date night. I love how expressive he’s become with words, but while he was gone, I thought for a few minutes that I had gone deaf. The little dude talks a LOT.

Apparently, he had a great time, since his fellow Star Wars-crazed buddy was also in attendance. Have you noticed that I have gone eight days without writing about anything Jedi? Believe me, it wasn’t easy to do, but I needed a lightsaber hiatus so that it wouldn’t drive the rest of you parents of princesses and Thomas the Tank Engine fans crazy.

Since the topic is unavoidable long term, here’s our latest craft. Q-ster requested a braid, just like the one worn by Ewan McGregor when portraying Obi-wan as an apprentice. It didn’t take too long to dig through the crate of false hair left over from costuming days and sew a few braids to a hair clip. He was soooo pleased with how much like a “real Jedi” he looks.

Sorry about the grainy photo. I'm having some trouble with my flash and may need to get the camera repaired.

And what is going on with our other son? Many charming grins, but not a lot of sleeping. Buster has decided that he can’t rest unless he is directly lying on top of me or SwingDaddy, which was tolerable during the first couple of nights of his illness, but is going to kill me if he doesn’t return to his crib soon.


Desiree said...

Actually I enjoy the Star Wars commentary because it is a nice break from all the Transformers in this house! The braid is hilarious.

Hope Buster's sleep habits improve soon!

kittenpie said...

I love how he is into the details.

Mayberry said...

Yes! He notices even the littlest things, obviously!

good luck with Operation Buster Back to the Crib.

Mamacita Tina said...

The braid - oh my gosh, crack me up, I love it!!!

Ok, Buster, let Mommy and Daddy get their sleep.

Karianna said...

Ah, I used to have major crushes on guys with little pieces of very long hair. Good going, Q!

Mom101 said...

Ah the sleeping on top of mommy phase. I am familiar with it for the last three years or so. Wishing you a speedy end to it...maybe some Jedi force can be put to good use here?

Damselfly said...

I hope your little one feels better and his sleeping on his own soon!

How cute that the Qster wanted his own braid.

I sure could use a toddler's night out....