Monday, December 15, 2008

I Guess You Can Make Endless Variations of a Good Thing

We’ve been fond of Pocky (stick-like Japanese cookies dipped in chocolate) for a long time, and they certainly seem to be expanding their market. Check out these flavors, ranging from coconut to almond, and especially the Men’s Pocky. Why the Men’s Pocky flavor is “bitter,” I don’t know.

And for some other humor, this competitmommy satire is pretty snarky. Highlight:

I don't know anything about low IQ children (my daughter is two and has been writing for The Economist since last year. . . . but it only seems logical that you shouldn't give him anything but very, very simple books. Maybe have him read Toni Morrison or Salmon Rushdie? That might be more his level.


Mayberry said...

Salman Rushdie--LOL!

I like how some Pocky is "dessert" but some isn't.

appleseed said...

I love pocky! Dh happens to prefer the men's, too. He likes dark chocolate. If you can find Pretz, stock up; they are awesome, too!

Ambe said...

I would have thought that here in Vancouver our Pocky selection would be pretty good, but I think we only have 3 or 4 kinds in the grocery store. Maybe I need to visit the specialty stores for a real Pocky fix.

kittenpie said...

Wow, that's quite the selection! I'm partial to the dark choc or the green tea, myself, when I can get them.

Desiree said...

We are big fans of the blueberry pocky and the milk pocky (which tastes more like white chocolate than milk)!

Yay for Buster crawling! Let the fun (and re-babyproofing) begin!