Tuesday, December 02, 2008

How to Lose Weight Without Dieting or Going to the Gym

The answer is three words: Labor and delivery.

The flaw in this scheme is that of course, you gain lots of weight in advance, and you don’t lose all of it during L&D and also not through breastfeeding, no matter what the lactivists tell you.

I’m past all the “easy” weight that came off while I was nursing Q, and now I have to do something about the rest of it. After a month of denial and snacking, I broke down and created a chart of how much I need to lose each week to make my short term weight goal by the time Buster is nine months old in mid January.

It’s not terrible – 7 pounds, to hit the same weight I was when I got pregnant with Q-ster four years ago. My long term goal is to lose another 3 pounds, to match when I got pregnant with Buster (yes, it’s weird that I was lighter after the first baby, but I think I lost muscle mass when I had to cut back on workouts), but I don’t care if it takes another year to do that.

It surprised me how happy I was to make my first two weight checks. I must admit that I set really tiny goals up front so that I could start with success. I mean, such marginal, fractional goals that I could probably have succeeded just by trimming a single fingernail, but in any case, it feels nice.

I think knowing that I’m going to “weigh in” each night makes me snack less. Reading this is probably horrifically boring to you, so I won’t make it a regular topic, but posting this makes me feel more accountable somehow. I can’t wait to replace the shabby, worn-out clothes that survived the Goodwill purges with tidy new outfits during after-Christmas sales!


appleseed said...

Good luck! Drink lots of water!

Mayberry said...

I am one of those hated people who dropped a ton of weight after each baby. The trick is to prevent it from creeping back on!

Amber said...

I lost a lot of weight from breastfeeding my first, down 15 pounds from pre-pregnancy. Then it all came back on (plus and extra 5 pounds) after she weaned. I just got used to eating a lot with no consequences.

I am also considering a gradual weight loss plan. For now I've put a scale on my Christmas wish list, so that I can at least keep track of where I'm at.

kittenpie said...

Hey, good for you! I am totally sick of the in-between clothes already, so soon I will be starting longer walks. Just in time for winter. Oh, hurray.