Saturday, December 06, 2008

Everybody Needs A Culinary Robot

Look what arrived in the mail!

It’s not actually an autonomous robot, but we did choose a shiny red food processor for Christmas. We’re attempting to make baby food, and it’ll be helpful with other cooking chores as well.

So cheerful and red!

Miscellaneous follow-ups:

Mantle hooks for Christmas stockings: I did indeed get four hooks, like all of you recommended. Upon inspection, the snowflakes had too much smooth surface area at Target-level quality and I could see lots of imperfections in the material, so I choose the train set instead. I think the snowflakes would have looked great a Pottery Barn-level quality, but I’m not willing to pay that much for a trinket that won’t be handled much.

The Advent calendar debate: More of you agreed with SwingDaddy that the star should go on last, but several admitted that it looks odd that way. Mayberry wins for the most amusing and realistic answer: “In our house it doesn't matter, because the kids have already put all 25 ornaments, including the star, on the Advent tree! I can't get them to do it one at a time.”

One more random thought: Did you know that many a brick and mortar shopping mall is already open deep into the night? I pulled into the parking lot tonight and found a great parking space easily, since what idiot is going to start shopping at 8:30pm? One with sleeping children, that’s who. Though a combination of sales, coupons, and credit vouchers, I found some excellent deals and feel much better about the state of our Christmas list. And I was home long before the 11pm closing time.


Mayberry said...

I hope, while you were out shopping, you bought me a culinary robot. Because that would really, really make my Christmas.

brendaj said...

I've really enjoyed making baby food in my Vita Mixer.

Magpie said...

Such a pretty robot.

kittenpie said...

I could TOTALLY use a culinary robot! Do you think they might clean the stovetop after they cook, too?