Sunday, November 30, 2008

Versatility in the Way of Pianos and Sword Masters

Some of you may remember the disaster of a piano cover that was ordered, delayed, and finally shipped to us last September in the wrong size and with random lettering embroidered on it. My mom returned it, wisely insisted on her money back instead of engaging in another round of specifications with the company, and set upon designing a cover with my dad.

They picked fabric (more on that later), Dad drafted a pattern, Mom sewed it up, and voila, a lovely piano cover!

Q-ster offered to help them put it on the piano, and he fingered the dark brown fabric longingly. “It looks like a Jedi cape.”

Much later in the evening, while my parents were working on some fit adjustments and cutting a piece for the lining, Mom stopped and informed Dad, “There’s some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that we cut the lining piece too small. The good news is that someone is going to get his Jedi outfit.”

And so it was. I joined forces with my parents, and a day later, we have one really, really happy little Obi-wan.

Q-ster admiring his reflection in the TV screen.


ewe are here said...

Very cute jedi... and clever parents you have there.

YF said...

the cover looks great, and the outfit is perfect... saweet deal! we missed you thursday!

Mayberry said...

So that is where you get your craftiness, huh? Jedi Q looks great!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha!!

4th B

Anonymous said...

What a great costume! I know some fully grown boys who would be pretty jealous.

Magpie said...

Out of error comes Jedi.