Friday, November 28, 2008

The Top Ten List, 10 Months Later

We had a lovely playdate today with another family, and oh, the kids had fun too. I made a pink lightsaber for Princess T, and she and Q-ster battled their dads with gusto. We have an important rule in the house – you can’t attack someone who doesn’t have a lightsaber. Consequently, they learned to drop one in a parent’s lap and then start whacking away before the adult had time to react.

Buster let Princess T’s mom hold him for quite a while before he got antsy, and we all enjoyed some good conversation, albeit interrupted by shrieking duels.

Last year on December 16th, I started a “Ten Things I Love About This House” list, with the idea that I would write about one thing each day leading up to Christmas. Life got a little busy and I made it up to #5 . . . by February. Oops. So, it’s about time to pick up the list again and see if I can finish by this Christmas.

Without further ado, the #4 Reason I Love This House:
The awesome double oven, complete with temperature probe (pictured), so that one doesn’t have to open the oven door to see the interior temp of the cooking turkey. Instead, the display on the outside of the oven shows the current temperature and shuts off the heat when the target is reached. Mrs. Original Owner picked some good appliances.

It was fun to cook and host Thanksgiving dinner for my parents – it’s just like we are real grown-ups now!


Bob said...

Thanks for hosting such a great dinner.

Amber said...

Wow, that temperature probe looks pretty cool. I will definitely look for that if I'm ever in the market for an oven.

Amanda said...

I think having a double oven makes you a grown-up, the fact that you use it makes you divine.

Christina said...

OK, I think it's hilarious that you have the rule about no hitting someone without a lightsaber. We're going to have to institute that rule in our house. :)