Monday, November 17, 2008

Thoughts While Watching Reality Television

Things that go through my mind while I’m doing a little research for work and blogging while Dancing with the Stars plays on TV at the same time:

- Tom Bergeron is an awesome host. Samantha Harris is a terrible interviewer.

- After an entire season of gorgeous dances, Brooke Burke’s jive was riddled with mistakes. Good thing she pulled it together with a good Latin number.

- Advertisers seem to think that DWTS viewers need a lot more medication. The drug companies have run out of names that haven’t already been copyrighted. Cymbalta sounds kind of pretty, but Abilify?

- Thank god Lacey has stopped sabotaging her partner with “edgy” choreos, because Lance is an great dancer and they looked sharp in both pieces.

- Carrie Ann referred to one of the dances as a ‘showstopper,’ which reminds me of a story from the legendary Norma Miller. Early in her career, her dance team performed in within a longer show, and their manager expected a showstopper from them every night. As in literally stopping the show. They needed to perform so well that the audience cheered and whooped and hollered so long that the next act couldn’t come onstage, and the dancers would have to return for more bows and an encore. That’s a real showstopper.

- I love Len’s comments in the DanceMaster section and seeing whether they match what I would have said. Two for four! Last week, SwingDaddy and I had called Lance on lack of turnout and Brooke for not straightening her legs. I agree with the pointers for Cody and Warren, but they have so many technical challenges that there were a lot of choices.

- Cody’s been charming and I adore Julianne, but he’s clearly the weakest dancer now. I think this is probably his last week.

- The professional swing couple was fun to watch. She landed aerials really solidly in spite of those skinny heeled shoes.

- Ad for Dirty Sexy Money. So glad that Lucy Liu found another cool role on TV after Cashmere Mafia was canceled. Not that I’ve seen either show yet, but I have to root for my alleged doppelganger.

- Kym has put together some great dances for Warren this season. I especially loved the legwork in the gancho/racket section of their tango last week (about 50 seconds into that video clip).

It looks like Brooke, Lance, and Warren for the finals. What do you think?

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appleseed said...

IDon't watch network TV much anymore, so no guesses about DWTS, but I think they let W. pick the name for Abilify. It sounds like something he would say.